Great British Food Box

Get your produce in front of international buyers without leaving your office!

The Food Box and Hamper is an innovative new service launched by the Great British Food Programme team, saving time and resource for both buyers and producers alike. Since the launch of the programme our team has built a wide network of international buyers and in order to maintain engagement we needed to discover more ways of getting British produce in front of them.

The Great British Food Programme has the long-term aim of progressing exports for British food and drink companies. Any way in which we can lessen the complexity of creating relationships between buyers and producers is beneficial to all involved.

This initiative allows multiple samples to be sent in one shipment to an international buyer. The sample leads to multiple meetings and if all goes to plan lots of orders for local businesses. This lessens the complexity of creating relationships between buyers and producers, and is beneficial to all involved.

To date we’ve sent boxes across the world to buyers in China, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan, and Spain.

How it works

Firstly, the buyer browses the online directory selecting the companies and products they wish to sample; so it’s crucial you’re listed with us. They’ll then confirm the selections with our team. We’ll then approach the various producers and ask for samples to be sent to our office, where we’ll collate and box up the products ready to send out. Once the buyer has received the products we work with both parties to identify a suitable time to schedule a meeting. This takes place through either a phone call or Skype. An introductory call would be arranged, these have be known to last for over an hour in some cases.

Moving forward

After receiving extremely positive feedback from both producers and buyers the appetite for this initiative is definitely there making the potential huge. Local producers are keen to be involved as it allows them to reach buyers in new markets that would normally take them years to reach, if done independently. International buyers have appreciated the simplicity of the Food Box and Hamper as it allows them to identify, select and try new products of interest without leaving their desks.

Moving forward the team are looking to find a solution that would allow us to send chilled and frozen products. Currently we can only facilitate ambient products; so keep an eye out for further updates.