Thailand eCommerce Promotion

List your produce on South East Asia's #1 eCommerce platform.

The Great British Food Programme team are looking for 20 members to take part in an initiative to list Health and Wellbeing products on Thailand's top eCommerce platform this coming December.

The offer

Working with a well-respected Bangkok based food and drink importer/distributor the team has secured an opportunity with Lazada, Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform.

The Food Programme team are looking for 20 new to market brands to take part in this opportunity, prioritising those that operate in the health and wellbeing sector; offerings could include low fodmap, keto, diabetic-friendly, low sugar/salt or vegetarian/vegan.

About Lazada

With a presence in six countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – Lazada connect this vast and diverse region through technology, logistics and payments capabilities. Today, they have the largest selection of brands and sellers, and by 2030 aim to serve 300 million customers.

In 2016, Lazada became the regional flagship of the Alibaba Group and is backed by Alibaba’s best-in-class technology infrastructure.

How to get involved

Please select the 'Thailand eCommerce Promotion' initiative on your directory profile page to be considered for this opportunity. Alternatively, you can click the 'Join this Initiative' button at the foot of the page (you will need to be a member of the programme to see this option).

The Food Programme team will then review each brand and select 20 of the most suitable. After the review process, successful companies will have their products officially registered in Thailand; they'll then receive an initial order for the initiative from the Bangkok based importer.

The importer/distributor will also work with other channels to introduce the product to supermarket buyers etc.

The cost of participation in this promotion is £350.00 per company. Pricing of the products will be discussed on a one-to-one basis between the importer and producer. It is expected that the promotional pricing will be competitive to allow the activity to capture interest in the initial stages.