Meet the buyer Meeting


Since the birth of the Great British Food Programme, meet the buyer events have been key to it’s success. Forging new relationships and winning business is what the programme is all about. Over the past 3 years we’ve hosted 7 meet the buyer events which has allowed for 850 one-to-one meetings to take place between 58 international buyers and 199 producers. To date the 7 events we’ve hosted have led to a huge £4.7 million worth of export wins.


Meetings taking place


How we do things differently

After attending countless events where both buyers and producers were made to have pre-planned, unvetted meetings with each other it became clear to our team that there had to be a more efficient way of hosting meetings.

Discussions eventually led to the birth of our directory. Now a way to connect buyers and producers in multiple ways it was first designed to be a tool that allowed us to pre-present producers to buyers. This gave buyers a choice of who they would like to meet, we then fed the meeting requests back to producers and once accepted a meeting time was finally confirmed.

“One of the most productive events I’ve attended in recent years”

We’ve found that this method has dramatically cut the amount of wasteful meetings taking place at our events and has also led to highly positive feedback from both buyers and producers.


Great British Food Programme Event


When do events take place?

Meet the buyer events have previously taken place at various dates across the year. Over the next year we hope to host more events within the South West region. We also hope to work with other regions to bring Great British Food Programme events to the rest of the UK.

We’ve recently confirmed an event taking place in October of this year. An event for all nine English regions, it will host around 60 international buyers and over 200 producers, this one day event will facilitate close to 900 meetings. As always this event will allow buyers to pre-select companies they wish to meet. To be apart of this event you must be listed on our directory.