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Nature Bottled

Calyx Drinks Ltd is a soft drinks manufacturer located in Burnley, Lancashire, England and was incorporated in June 2015. Flowers are at the heart of Calyx Drinks. The company’s name derives simply from the ‘calyx’ of a flower; that is the green outer whorl of a flower that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud. We are passionate about flowers, natural ingredients, and wellbeing. We offer a collection of flower-based products that is close to nature.
We might be made in Lancashire, but we’ve not forgotten our roots. We were born on the streets of Nigeria, where drinking hibiscus brewed with fruit and spices is the nation’s daily ritual. Which is why you’ll find flowers, fruits, and spices in every one of our craft-brewed drinks.
We like to take things slowly. Our organic flowers, fruits and spices are given time to mature in their natural surroundings before we use a gentle craft brewing process to extract all the goodness. The result is as close to nature as you can get in a bottle
Life is full of compromises. Why should your wellbeing be one of them? Our drinks harness the natural health benefits of flowers, fruits, and spices, to prepare you for whatever comes your way.
We provide consumers with great tasting, healthy, refreshing alternative drinks perfected over several years. Our key ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B and C, phenolic phytonutrients. Hibiscus flower, Lavender flower, Camomile flower, Ginger, Cinnamon, and fruit juices are some if the ingredients we use creating 100% natural products.

Craft-Brewed Non-Alcoholic Soft Drinks

We craft-brew soft drinks from flowers, fruit and spices for people who want to stay healthy and feel amazing.
Our traditional craft-brewing process extracts huge amounts of nutrition and flavour from organic flowers, fruits, and spices, to create soft drinks that positively impact wellbeing and taste naturally delicious
We ensure our range of drinks is of the highest quality and all ingredients are completely natural. No preservatives are used, and we source flowers and spices from organically certified suppliers. All our drinks are vegan approved, naturally gluten free, naturally caffeine free and have no artificial colours or flavouring. In our portfolio is a range of flower drinks that resonate with consumers from a diverse range of background, ethnicity, belief, and interest.


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