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The products we offer are many different varieties of the highest quality dry foods such as: lentils, basmati rice, nuts and more! Using our new and innovative food packaging the consumer will never have the burden of opening a pack of dry food and decanting it into another glass/ plastic container, incurring potential of food contamination, food wastage, spillage and complete loss of food traceability. Our product aims to completely transform this concept and have an all in one solution. The bag itself is extremely tough yet made of material that is very soft and gentle on the hands (unlike other hard plastic packaging), fully recyclable, has an oxygen barrier and can withstand over 100kg of force! So, no more dropped and burst packs in the supermarket isle and no more wasted food product.

The lentils contained inside are not only delicious but easily prepared and is packed with a punch of high fibre, contains a good source of vitamins such as: iron, protein, potassium and magnesium. Our 100% pure basmati rice is a long fragrant grain of rice, full of aroma, easily cooked, contains a fluffy texture and has an exquisite taste.


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UK Stockists

•   2kg Pure Basmati Rice

•   1kg Chana Dal

•   2kg Chana Dal

•   1kg Urid Dal

•   2kg Urid Dal

•   1kg Mung Dal

•   2kg Mung Dal

•   1kg Red Split Lentils

•   2kg Red Split Lentils


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