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Artisan Biscuits and The Fine Cheese Co. may differ in name, but we have a shared history and set of values. We are two companies with one aim: to make and sell only what we believe in. Biscuits, cheese, and partners for cheese that have been made with skill and care in a traditional way.

Throughout The Fine Cheese Co.’s thirty years as an exporter, wholesaler and retailer of artisan British cheese, we have sought, cared for and matured hand-made cheese from independent producers who prioritise quality over profit. Products that can tell a story, by both their provenance and their taste. We have also made it our business to know what flatters cheese and makes it a new experience. Our unique ranges of crackers, made by our sister company Artisan Biscuits, are the result.

Artisan Biscuits started out as a small family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District over 100 years ago, and though we now export to 57 countries around the world, we still hold the same values as we did when we first started. We continue to follow a traditional approach and bake everything by hand, using only natural ingredients. Our recipes and baking techniques are endlessly refined, ensuring the finest ingredients go into the oven, and the finest flavours come out. Our guiding principle being, ‘To only bake what we would want to eat ourselves’.

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Guild of Fine Food | Best Biscuit Brand

Sofi Awards

International Cheese Awards | Cheese Accompaniment Awards

UK Stockists

•   Harrod's

•   Selfridges

•   Fortnum & Mason

•   Waitrose


International Stockists

•   Whole Foods USA & UK

•   Takashimaya, Japan

•   Market Kurly South Korea

•   Gallerie Lafayette

•   Simon Johnson Australia

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
New Zealand, United States, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Mexico, China

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
UAE, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand