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Feel Good Food tastes fantastic; looks great and is packed full of healthy ingredients. We set out to prove that just because a product is gluten, nut or dairy free; diabetic, paleo and vegan friendly there is no need to compromise on taste or texture. However, these products are not just for the diet-restricted customer, they also work for anyone who is looking for a healthier snack made from natural ingredients.

We produce Energy Balls to help to keep you going – whether pushing yourself to the limits or in need a healthy pick-me-up. They have slow-releasing sugars from the fruit and we utilise a range of seeds and flours to give the body the nutrients required to stay fit and healthy.

We constantly strive to make products which work for the consumer and have developed a Super-Ball aimed at athletes looking for higher protein levels. This ball is also packed with antioxidants from Baobab, Lacuma and Maca powder. We have also developed a Detox Ball with Matcha, Lemon and Ginger.

We are working on the development and launch of a Fruit-based Chocolate Spread as an alternative to sugar-filled and nut-based spreads and are looking to outsource the production of our Bakes and Biscuits to a Free-From facility.


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Shortlisted: Free From Awards 2018

Shortlisted: Nourish Awards, 2018 (Innovation and Spreads categories)

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Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Ireland

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UAE, Saudi Arabia