About company

We are Beard & Sabre – craft, hopped-cidermakers. It is our mission to combine the very best of British cidermaking with brewing to create exciting, unique drinks for independent bars seeking the ultimate point of difference.

We summon our ciders from 100% pressed, heritage variety apples picked and sacrificed on ancient orchards in Shepton Mallet. The cider is fermented using natural yeasts and left to mature for a minimum of two years. Our ciders are imbued with apple juice from the same season’s pressing, adding body and flavour rarely found in commercially wrought beverages.

Finally, we infuse specially selected, British grown hops chosen to complement each cider’s natrual tannin and acidity to create interesting and unique drinks that are completely natural, both respecting British cider’s ancient reverence, and honouring the long forgotten gods of cider.

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International Cider Challenge Silver 2017

International Cider Challenge Bronze 2017

Great Taste 2 Stars 2018

Three Counties Cider and Perry Bronze 2018

UK Stockists

•   http://fetchthedrinks.com/

•   https://www.eebriatrade.com/

•   https://craftynectar.com/


International Stockists

•   http://www.deciderwinkel.be/

•   http://www.britische-biere.de/

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Belgium, Germany

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Greece