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Beaumonde Desserts are a company that specialises in producing premium, dairy free, vegan alcoholic ice cream which will be created in an artisan fashion. All products will incorporate a wide range of fresh fruits, aromatic spices and alcohol of high quality. The fruits used will be locally sourced to help support small businesses within the area. The spices used are inspired from my Tanzanian heritage and we directly source them from the beautiful and tropical island of Zanzibar. The distinct use of East African spices will help further distinguish the product in the current ice cream market. The company will mainly target the 18-35 segment through targeted marketing activities and key partnerships. This will involve attending festivals, pop up events and building value adding collaborations with other brands; all these activities will consequently allow Beaumonde to reach their target audience. In addition, as Beaumonde are passionate about its social impact, the company are committed to donating 5% of turnover to charity. Throughout the year the company will actively work with various types of charities to ensure not only the company grows but so does humanity and the environment we all live in.



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France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands