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Forget dry roasting and dousing in salt. We have discovered a better way from the Aztecs and the Aborigines. Soaking nuts and seeds in water before baking them unleashes a whole bunch of goodness lying in wait inside. We are Boundless. Welcome to our intrepid pursuit of the extraordinary.

We make Boundless using our unique F.A.B. method:

Flood – We drench our nuts and seeds in water to kick start nature’s natural germination process

Activate – A good soak removes the bitter phytic acid and protective enzymes, enabling better digestion

Bake – Then we gently bake using natural ingredients for a fuller flavour and lighter crunch

Discover our four intrepid flavours:

Orange, Ginger and Maple

Tamari & Aleppo

Cayenne & Rosemary

Turmeric & Smoked Paprika

All packed in 30g portion controlled bags. Perfect as an on the go snack when hunger strikes – a snack without compromise.



Great Taste Award Tamari & Aleppo 2017

Free From Food Award Cayenne & Rosemary 2018

UK Stockists

•   Ocado

•   Whole Foods Market

•   As Nature Intended

•   Revital

•   Dorchester Hotel


International Stockists

•   Foodist, Germany

•   Fluetis, Singapore

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Active Export Markets (Europe)
Germany, Ireland

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)