About company

We’re Brew Tea Company, an independent speciality tea producer who makes everything at Tea HQ in Manchester.

Set up by Aideen and Phil back in 2012 we’ve grown to an ambitious team of 20, flying the flag for tea drinkers everywhere and making their experiences awesome, one by one.

Rolled Whole Leaves

We’re redefining what ‘good’ tea should be, making it more inclusive and raising the bar on taste. All of our tea blends use a base of rolled whole leaves which means none of the usual ‘dust’ you find in most tea bags. They’re hand picked in their prime keeping them intact and full of flavour. When you roll a tea leaf instead of chopping it into dust you keep all of its amazing flavour and natural oils giving a much smoother, richer tasting cup of tea. They take a minute or two longer to brew buts its worth the wait.

Good Business All Round

We only use rolled whole leaves and completely natural fruits, herbs and oils in our blends. Nothing dodgy or artificial. Plus, we make sure our tea doesn’t just taste good by using plastic-free retail packaging and tea bags, as well as hand packing it ourselves in Manchester.  We’re proud to be a certified B Corporation and a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Make Tea Awesome With Us!

We’d love to talk tea with you, so give us a call or email on [email protected]

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UK Stockists

•   Waitrose

•   Virgin Trains

•   Harvey Nichols

•   Wimbledon Tennis Championships



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Active Export Markets (Europe)
France, Norway, Sweden

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Japan, Canada, Thailand, United States, Mexico

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Germany, Ireland, Netherlands

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
China, Hong Kong, Singapore