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After studying for many years as a chemical engineer and having a love for cider, Michael started refining his Ice Cyder® process in late 2018 which lead to the creation of Broadway Press®. From humble beginnings rescuing windfall apples under forgotten apple trees, to becoming the first in the UK to scale up our trademark Ice Cyder® technique in a commercial orchard, the science behind our brand is what makes us special.

Inspired by the chemical engineering background, a desire to reduce food waste and a love for Great British apples. Broadway Press began their journey by collecting windfall apples across The Cotswolds and converting them into delicious cider using an innovative cryo-processing technique. A few years later, we’re now based at Cotswold Orchards, where we work with Great British Farmer Nicholas Dunsby and his family to rescue class 2 apples. These apples are rejected from supermarket shelves because of size, colour or small defects. However, these are perfectly good for juicing and crafting cider with and are now the core ingredient in our trademark Ice Cyder®, Iced Apple Juice and Gin ‘n’ Juice drinks range.

The journey began after a trip to a local stables in the Autumn where Michael noticed an old cider orchard with apples unpicked. After several difficult, early cider batches, Michael began to refine the process by trialling alternative processing methods. With the help of Michael’s wife, they both aimed to create not only an amazing tasting range of ciders and drinks but strive to create a sustainable business that makes the most of forgotten fruit that Great British farmers have worked hard to produce. 

The beautiful imagery found on our bottles brings the magic first step of our trademark process to life – frozen apple juice as seen under a microscope! As water and natural sugars in the apple separate and undergo their subtle alchemy at sub-zero temperatures, the juice is gently softened while delicious fruity flavours are unleashed. As the apple thaws and every cell bursts open, this luscious nectar rearranges to begin its slow conversion into Ice Cyder®!

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