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The current drinks market is awakening to providing healthier, sugar free soft drinks.  However, it is still majorly saturated with a vast amount of highly sugared drinks, which can often limit the selection of people who are pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Buzbee’s first began by researching what were the best natural sweeteners on the market, leading us to be introduced to the exciting option of honey.

Two things stood out for us – health and environment

Using honey as an ingredient in our Tonic Water provides their own unique taste which sets us apart from everyone else.

Since launching our drinks with locally sourced honey, we have seen significant growth. We source and use Grade A Honey from the country where the products are going to be sold. This “localises” Buzbee’s to the local communities, when we added Welsh honey new relationships began immediately.  Consumers identify this by the national flag on the bee’s wings.

Our objective is to  play a significant role in sustaining the bee around the world, with our partners in the markets we work hives have been installed.  Buzbee’s have adopted existing aperies and as well as adding new ones.  This ensures we help maintain the current population whilst also growing it.  We work with ethical and sustainable Bee Keepers which means we ensure there is enough honey for the bees.

We work with companies such as Bee1 who run and deliver programs in local schools helping educate and engage with the children about the important role the bee plays in the eco-system.

All our drinks are available in 200ml and 500ml

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