About company

Camerons Brewery Ltd is one of the largest private breweries in the UK, with the capacity to produce more than 1 million hectolitres of beer annually.

Formed in 2002, following its purchase by businessman David Soley, the company’s origins date back to 1865 when John William Cameron was engaged to run the original brewery. Camerons is headquartered in Hartlepool at the historic Lion Brewery site, which was built in 1892, and its Visitor Centre is located nearby on the site of the former Stranton pub – one of the town’s oldest pubs.

 As well as brewing its own high qualitybeers and lagers, including its flagship beer, Strongarm, a well-rounded 4.0% ABV ruby red ale and new Motörhead collaboration brew Röad Crew APA, Camerons is a contract brewer for UK based and major multinational companies.  

In addition to its core brewing operation, Camerons possesses a growing retail pub estate of more than 70 venues – ranging from community pubs and city centre venues, to restaurant and accommodation-based outlets. This includes the popular The Head of Steam brand, which the firm acquired in 2014 and seven new venues purchased from Leeds Brewery in July 2016.


UK Stockists

•   Morrisons, Co-op, LWC, Small Beer, HB Clark, Heineken, Molson Coors, EI, Punch Taverns, Branded Drinks, Heathwick, North East Drinks, Tate-Smith, Lanchester Wines, Blue Tree Limited, Wetherspoons, Marstons, Stonegate, Carlsberg


International Stockists

•   Strag Gruppen, Amstein S.A., Square Dranken, Savero, Rapid 92, Daikyocho, Interportfolio, Eurosaga, Planete Soif,, Cervebel, One Pint, Brands For Fans, Palmera Brews, Interportfolio, Good Wine, Ikon

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Japan, Mexico, China

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Portugal, Bulgaria

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, Hong Kong, Peru, United States, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, New Zealand