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About Dartmoor Brewery:

Dartmoor Brewery, England’s highest brewery, was established in 1994 by award-winning brewer Simon Loveless.

We are located in Princetown in the Dartmoor National Park, the stunning and vast moorland in the county of Devon, in southwest England where the air is clean and the wild Dartmoor ponies roam its craggy landscape and its open moorlands.

Our great beers come from a passion for the brewer’s craft, and a passion for our birthplace and home, Dartmoor National Park.

We use only the finest ingredients in our traditional craft ales. The finest English malts, carefully selected hops, our own strain of yeast, and clear, pure Dartmoor Water.

Since brewing our first pint of popular beer Jail Ale in 1994 (within 800 metres of the infamous Dartmoor Prison), we’ve grown to become Devon’s second largest brewery. Jail Ale is a consistent award-winner to this day, and has been joined by a full range of superb craft ales including Legend, Dartmoor IPA and Dartmoor Best.

Today we have a state-of-the-art purpose-built brewery complex, but still based very firmly in Princetown, our birthplace. We employ 20 people, and we brew over 3 million pints of beer each year.
The popularity of Jail Ale has grown beyond its West Country heartland. These fine ales are enjoyed in fine places throughout the South West, and increasingly further afield as more and more ale drinkers want to enjoy a taste of Dartmoor wherever they might live.

For information about our award-winning beers, please visit our ‘see our beers’ website page:

Interesting Facts about the Dartmoor National Park:

Did you know?

Dartmoor is famously known for being the setting of Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1901 novel ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles’.

Dartmoor has also been the inspiration for many other authors and artists including R. D. Blackmore, Agatha Christie and J K Rowling who used it as the setting for the Quidditch World Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Princetown is the home of the imposing Dartmoor Prison (build in 1805) which is owned by the Dutchy of Cornwall whose head is His Royal Highness The Duke of Cornwall, otherwise known as Prince Charles.

Dartmoor National Park contains many granite hilltops. These are known as tors, the highest of which is High Willhays which is 2,037 feet above sea level.

For more information about our beautiful home, visit the website for the Dartmoor National Park



SILVER - Jail Ale - 'Taste of the West 2017' awards, South West England

SILVER - Legend - 'Taste of the West 2017' awards, South West England

GOLD - Jail Ale - 'Devon Food and Drink Awards 2014 - Taste of Devon' awards, South West England

GOLD - Legend - 'Devon Food and Drink Awards 2014 - Taste of Devon' awards, South West England

We have won many awards for our beers over the years. All awards so far are featured on our website here: https://www.dartmoorbrewery.co.uk/awards

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