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Masalawaala spices bridges the gap between authentic Indian cuisine and the convenience of an all in onesimple pack. We bring a taste of India to your kitchen with every pack our unique, authentic spice blends to make mealtimes a family affair. So, break the naan and use your fingers to savour every bite!——————————————-Between us we have more than 50 years experience in sourcing the best spices from across India and beyond, so that they reach you packed with flavour and aroma. We take quality control and quality assurance seriously in the blending and packing of our products. Each pack is foil wrapped, and this is then packed in the outer packaging to retain freshness and protect from sunlight and moisture which can damage the flavour.

Our packs contain natural ingredients with no artificial additives, colours, or flavouring to keep them authentic. Our spice blends offer a big advantage over jars and pastes used for many curry dishes as they keep the spices fresh for longer. We take care of our spices so they bring the real flavour of India straight to your kitchen.

This means that every time you tear open a Masalawaala spice mix packet you’re getting a great curry with just the right blend of spices. 

Masalawaala endeavours to be a helping hand in your kitchen. 

Convenience- easy to cook
Involvement and control in a healthier cooking experience.
Less time in kitchen, more family time.
No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Additives or Preservatives
Just dry Masala
Authentic, Traditional, Natural Aroma & Taste 
Eating fresh with fresh ingredients
Suitable broad range of consumer 
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Cost efficient-Each pack serves family of 4
Long year shelf life
New 2019 KITS- complete with precooked basmati rice, spice mix and mango chutney! (Just add your protein)!

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