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We are an artisan drinks company, with one sole purpose. To be the best, make the best liquids in the best bottles and defy the normal formulaic principle of spirits brands, creating truly innovative liquids and bottles.

Question: When does a bottle become more than a container for storing liquid?

Answer: When that vessel becomes art.

Put simply Fallen Angel create and make the most detailed and distinctive bottles in the world all hand finished and filled with British liquids in the UK. Our range is comprised of our 4 key liquids a Vodka, Blood Orange Gin, Spiced Rum & Herbal Liqueur. All with varying abv’s from 40.6% to 44.7%.

These liquids which are created and blended by us are then held in the most unique containers on the planet. In our range we have three key products.

  1. Our original hyper premium “Icon” bottles – 44.7% Vodka in our iconic clear glass bottles (only 1540 bottles ever made)
  2. Our 5cl miniatures – 44.7% vodka, 41.3% Spiced Rum & 40.6% Blood Orange Gin (our miniatures are the most detailed single serve spirits bottles on the planet)
  3. Our new 70cl Ceramic bottles – White bottle containing our 40.6% blood orange gin & Black bottle containing our 41.3% Spiced Rum

Our trade marked Devils head bottles are arguably the most detailed spirits bottles on the planet in every category and our liquids are superb stand up on there own in any blind tasting. Combine the two and you have Fallen Angel.

 “it is not the strongest who survive rather the most adaptable”

Charles Darwin

Challenge convention and embrace the Angel.



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UK Stockists

•   Fortnam & Mason

•   Harvey Nicholls

•   Selfridges

•   Fenwicks

•   Masters of Malt

•   Whisky exchange

•   Drinks supermarket


International Stockists

•   Square Dranken

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Spain, Switzerland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, United States