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We would like to introduce our company, Firefly Barbecue – award-winning makers of authentic, natural and freshly home-made tasty BBQ sauces, rubs, and marinades in the UK. As a winner of 5 UK Great Taste Awards in 2017, 6 Great Taste Awards 2018 for the complex yet balanced flavours in our Rubs and Sauces. Working hard, we bring the authentic taste of America’s deep-south barbecue using only the freshest and all-natural ingredients for an amazing taste. We are excited to get in touch with you and extend a proposal for the retail of our products.

Firefly Barbecue is an authentic home-made blend of quality herbs, spices, and chillies, with natural sea salt and unrefined cane sugar to deliver the perfect barbecue taste and excellent satisfaction. From sweet/sour/salty and spicy to smoky and hot, we’ve discovered and perfected the authentic regional flavours unique to each state of Memphis, Kansa, Texas, Louisiana and other states in the US to deliver a whole new experience to the lovers of BBQ.

Being an active member of the Guild of Fine Food, we promote excellence and ensure that our products are made in consideration of allergies and all our products are vegetarian friendly (most are also vegan friendly). All of the rubs and sauces are freshly home-made with the best natural ingredients and free from additives/preservatives with a long-lasting shelf life to deliver new taste on every occasion.

We pride ourselves on the rich flavours and spices sourced responsibly from around the world, blended and packaged in the UK in our bid to support UK business and integrate the American barbeque experience into the British culture and create memorable moments for friends and families – to that end, we would like to foster a strong business partnership with you through a retail distribution of our products through your company and channels.

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Great Taste 2017

Great Taste 2018

Quality Food Awards 2018 finalist

Free From Food Awards 2019 Shortlisted

Great Taste 2019

American Royal Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet

Best BBQ sauce manufacturer in the Midlands

UK Stockists

•   Sunshine Garden Centre

•   Lewis and Cooper

•   GoBBQ

•   Cottage Farm

•   BoB's Butchers

•   Superior Catering


International Stockists

•   El Sabor


•   Senoji mesine

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
United States