About company

Fitbakes – a bakery that specialises in low sugar, bite-sized cakes, muffins and brownies that are also high in protein and low in calories. We only ever use natural ingredients in our bakes which makes them the ideal sweet treat for anyone enjoying a balanced lifestyle. We’re proudly certified as the first Low Sugar Bakery in the UK through Sugarwise, are winners of a ‘Best of Health Award 2018’ and, have been featured on the BBC and ITV and also in magazines like Women’s Health, Healthy Food Guide and Slimming World.


Best of Health 2018

Coop Finalist 2019

UK Stockists

•   Selfridges

•   Musclefoods

•   Coop (tbc 2019)

•   Fitbakes.co.uk



International Stockists

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Netherlands, Germany, Ireland

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, United States, Thailand, Turkey, Bahrain