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Despite being a category awash with £multimillion brands and fierce competition, Chris Arrigoni and Steve Norris felt there was an opportunity for their Get More Vitamin Drinks brand to win space on retailers’ shelves and in shoppers’ baskets. Left jobless when the US health drinks company they were working for pulled out of the UK in late 2012, the pair noticed that other vitamin-enhanced drinks on the market contained a generic low-dose multivitamin blend and not an insignificant amount of sugar.

Additionally they felt there was an opportunity to create a brand and messaging that made it easy for consumers to understand what was in each drink and why it was good for them eg. Get More Vitamin A to support heathy skin and vision, Get More B Vitamins support energy release, Get More Vitamin C to support the immune system… as easy as A, B, C!

Thus the Get More Vitamins brand was born – a range of sugar free, naturally-flavoured drinks made with spring water and a daily dose of a specific vitamin to help consumers stay healthy on the go, without the need to take a supplement pill. And it appears their approach has been welcomed by shoppers, with over 15 million bottles sold since launch and a growing nationwide presence across retailers within all major trade channels. Their Get More Vitamin D drink – now available in 500ml, 4x500ml and 1 litre variants – is a £2m brand in its own right, proving that if a product meets a specific consumer need, and tastes good, it can gain traction.

To celebrate its 5th birthday, the Get More Vitamins brand was given a design overhaul earlier this year, to improve standout on shelf and to help shoppers understand even more easily what each drink offers in terms of taste, ingredients and functional benefit.

Furthermore the company have stepped up their NPD program, to continue to offer UK consumers ways to Get More goodness into their bodies in a tasty and healthy way. New to the market in October is their Get More sport range, Get More Recovery – available in Hydrating Orange, Cranberry and Citrus, all containing Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium to aid recovery and replace electrolytes lost during exercise or illness – and a refreshing watermelon-flavoured Get More L-Carnitine & Chromium, which helps to support and maintain a healthy metabolism and blood glucose levels.

Away from soft drinks, Get More Multivitamin Chewing Gum was launched last year and is proving a hit, with nearly half a million packs have been sold to date. Right at the heart of marketing all the company’s products remains an integrated program of sampling, in-store promotions and print and social media competitions, all focused on putting product in hand to demonstrate that consuming healthy products does not mean a compromise on taste or enjoyment.

With a relaunch of their Kids drinks due out before the end of the year, plus a new range of all-sparkling 330ml cans, Steve and Chris and their growing team look well placed to continue offering ever more nutrition-conscious consumers tasty and refreshing ways to Get More of what they need to stay healthy.

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