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Everything we do starts with the honey.

You probably don’t think about honey as much as we do. Don’t worry no one does.

But take a moment now. What is honey?

We like to say that honey is liquid flowers.  Bees take one of the best things about summer, flowers, and transform them into something you can spread on your toast.

Of course, if you’re a true honey aficionado you’ll know that honey tastes completely different depending on what the bees have been eating.

Bees tucking into a tangy orange blossom say, or the deep flavour of heather produce honey that are poles apart.

So that’s where we start from, with the best honeys from around the world.

To make our session meads we carefully blend an ever changing cast of honeys, to get the same depth of flavour year after year.

Of course, for our limited meads, we love the variation in the flavour and the real sense of place you get, we love collecting honey from around the UK and further afield.

So what makes Gosnells – Gosnells?

I’m not sure if we mentioned it, but quite simply, it’s the honey.

In the past they would have called it mead – alcohol fermented from honey.

Honey, that’s natural and pure and good.

Perfectly balanced with floral and herbal notes and eminently drinkable

It’s pleasantly sparkling, and best served chilled with friends and conversation and laughter.

A glass of bubbles, and we all love bubbles.

But these bubbles are like no other.

Because these bubbles are from bees.

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