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Matching our love for the traditional Cornish lifestyle with a dedication to modern brewing techniques, we take the best of what’s at our fingertips, combined with all we’ve learnt through years in the industry. We brew solid, well rounded beers reflecting the ruggedness of their home; with smiles, you’ll never shift.

We’re biased, but we brew from the best place on the planet.



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Little Rock Gold International Beer Challenge 2018

Helles Silver International Beer Challenge 2018

Little Rock Gold World Beer Awards 2018

Little Rock Best American Style IPA in UK, World Beer Awards 2018

Ellensburg Session IPA Overall SW Champion SIBA Awards 2018

Ellensberg Session IPA Gold SIBA SW Awards 2018

Pilsner Gold SIBA SW Awards 2018

Helles Gold SIBA SW Awards 2018

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Target Export Markets (Europe)
Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, France, Belgium

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Argentina, Australia, Canada, United States, Brazil