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After struggling to find Iced Coffees, which weren’t filled full of sugars and flavourings, two lifelong best friends decided something needed to be done to challenge the iced drinks category.

Hike Coffee was established in 2018 when they realised Cold Brew Coffee was the answer to their problem and they quickly set off on a mission to produce a range of ready to drink Nitro Cold Brew Coffees.

After a year of struggling uphill to find the right ingredients and packaging partners, Hike was able to work alongside a team of nutritional specialists and engineers and create a sustainable solution to the production of Nitro Cold Brew in the UK.

Hike currently has a two ready to drink products on the market with a full range in the development stage.

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Target Export Markets (Europe)
Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, New Zealand, Kuwait, Australia, Hong Kong, United States, Vietnam, Singapore, South Africa, Qatar