About company

It takes time to nurture a dream.

We set out in 2015 to embrace that dream and create the finest Sparkling Brut Beer in the World alongside our eclectic music and events. We did this by setting our vision, and inviting experts and energy in to our house and giving flight to the creative…

First came the music, the DJ’s, the apparel, the events – the FUN – we built the platform, a platform that embraced the values of our favourite sub-cultures and ones that would encapsulate everything that DUETTE stands for. All the while in the background, the grafting and crafting was in full swing and in Autumn 2018 DUETTE was completed and unleashed.

DUETTE is made with the finest ingredients and in collaboration with the finest craftsmen in William and the crew at Wiper and True Brewing in Bristol, England – embracers of our dream and companions in our journey of expression. Test batch one was brewed in a garage, it rocked and received love from our favourite brewers, bartenders and boarders all the way from Bristol to Tignes. We knew we had something special, a recipe and an unwavering commitment to create – we are the architects and we share our creations with you, one bottle pop and one DJ drop at a time.



UK Stockists

•   Box E

•   Spoke and Stringer

•   Wiper and True Tap Room

•   Corks of Bristol

•   Dela Bristol

•   POCOS Bristol

•   Eebria


International Stockists

Market Information

Target Export Markets (Europe)
France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
United States, Australia, New Zealand