About company

Hullabaloos is a new wave of natural, premium soft drinks, to be remembered for packing a punch with their zingy bursts of fruity awesomeness.

Hullabaloos STILL Lemonades are made to get your tongue tingling and make your taste buds come alive. Enjoyed by all, it hits the memory bank of how lemonade “used” to be and making new taste memories. The one thing we don’t do is wishy washy, Hullabaloos always brings a reaction. Although great on its own – Hullabaloo up your cocktails by using as a mixer.

We are the proud owners of our small, award winning company based in beautiful Somerset in the West Country, England. Our passion is to create drinks which don’t just taste lovely, but will put a smile on your face!
You’ll only find pure ingredients in our drinks, just lots of lemons (never from concentrate), filtered water and just enough natural sugar to get a tingle (and real elderflowers, raspberries, oranges, ginger and lime & mint!). No artificial flavourings, colourings, bubbles, chemicals or baddies needed!


  • Nothing artificial in any of our range
  • Made in England
  • Winners of multiple Great Taste Awards
  • Gluten free and Vegan friendly
  • Full control of supply chain


Great Taste 2 Star 2019

Great Taste 2 Star 2019

Great Taste 1 Star 2019

Great Taste 1 Star 2019

Great Taste 1 Star 2017

Taste of the West Gold 2019

Taste of the West Silver 2019

Taste of the West Commended 2019

UK Stockists

•   Hilliers Garden Centre chain

•   Notcutts Garden Centre chain

•   Royal Horticultural Society

•   Budgens Supermarket


International Stockists

•   Roma Fruits of Nature, Nigeria


Market Information

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, France, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
UAE, Canada, Qatar, Cuba, New Zealand, United States, Australia, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Africa, China, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Colombia, Turkey, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, India, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Kuwait, Uruguay, South Korea, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Chile, Japan