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Natural Umber is a multi-award winning organic apple cider vinegar. Renowned for its delicious sweet apple flavour, Natural Umber is a versatile ingredient, used in many recipes and as an enjoyable drink.

Launched in January 2018, Natural Umber has seen great success having been awarded 3 Great Taste stars and The Golden Fork for Northern Ireland from the Guild of Fine Food. Judges commented on the bold and well-rounded flavour of Natural Umber, stating it is “Smooth and easy to drink with water”, and has a “syrupy viscosity, sweet apple character and a sharpness”. Most recently, Natural Umber won Gold for Vinegar at the Irish Food Awards, 2019.

In May 2018, Natural Umber was blind taste-tested against the top three selling brands by Ulster University. Natural Umber came out top in every single category.

Certified organic and Halal.


3 Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Food, 2018

Golden Fork for Northern Ireland from the Guild of Fine Food, 2018

Gold in Vinegar from Irish Food Awards, 2019

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