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Invoking the wistful romance of a bygone age Keats Chocolatiers offer an indulgent treat to the customer. A modern twist on the Tastes of the British Empire – we pride ourselves on crafting the finest and most creative products on the market, sustainably sourcing our sugar and cocoa from Fair Trade Certified Farms.

All Keats Chocolates are beautifully presented in elegant quality boxes in a variety of sizes making them ideal for gifting.  They are also perfect for customising for special events such as Valentine’s and Mothers’ day.

Please take a look at our expansive range of chocolate products, were certain you won’t be disappointed.

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UK Stockists

•   Amazon

•   Chocolatiers

•   Garden Centres

•   Artisan Food


International Stockists

•   Carrefour

•   Spinnies

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
France, Sweden, Ireland

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Denmark, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Iceland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, France, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
China, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United States, Australia, Peru, Kuwait, UAE, New Zealand, Cuba, Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Jordan, Argentina, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore