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Moo Free is an ethical, family-owned food manufacturer whose factories are based in Devon in the UK. The company was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Mike and Andrea Jessop. Mike is lactose intolerant and Andrea has a gluten intolerance. Their son and grandson are also both lactose intolerant.

In 2008, after finding very few dairy free chocolates were available on the world market (and those that were did not taste like milk chocolate!), Mike and Andrea decided to do something about it. The pair re-mortgaged their house, purchased some small machinery and ingredients and began learning how to make chocolate.

Over the next two years they experimented with different flavours until they were able to create a dairy free chocolate that tasted just like quality milk chocolate. It was then, in 2010, that the couple launched Moo Free.

The company use ethically sourced, organic and vegan-friendly ingredients in all of their products. Moo Free’s products are also free from dairy, gluten and soya. Their factories send zero waste to landfill and all of their packaging is recyclable, in a conscious effort to help towards sustainability. The business currently supports around 60 staff including just over 50% women, and 20% with autism.

For more information, please visit moofreechocolates.com.

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UK Stockists

•   Morrisons

•   Waitrose

•   Asda

•   Aldi

•   Lidl

•   Sainsbury's

•   Tesco

•   Holland & Barrett

•   WHSmith

•   M&S


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Active Export Markets (Europe)
Portugal, Spain, Ireland

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, Canada

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Egypt, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, UAE, Hong Kong, United States, Bahrain, Thailand, Kuwait, Malaysia, China, Japan, India, Brazil