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At Natural Snacking we believe in providing healthy nutritious snacks for everyone. The snacks we choose should be supporting our body’s metabolism, sense of well-being and vitality. Natural foods such as nuts, seeds and fruit are excellent for you and contrary to general opinion, conveniently packaged snack foods containing these ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean that the nutrition value is compromised. Our aim is to source healthy wholefood snacks made with premium ingredients that are legitimately nutritious and taste amazing too.

Smooze is a range of all natural ‘freeze at home’ fruit ices made from freshly pressed coconut milk combined with real fruit juices and purees.

Available in five tropical flavours Mango, Pineapple, Pink Guava, Banana and Simply Coconut, Smooze is free from all the 14 major allergens as well as being Vegan, Halal and Kosher certified.  It has 40% less fat, sugar and calories that most other frozen treats making it a deliciously-refreshing, guilt-free anytime treat for children and adults alike.


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UK Stockists

•   Sainsburys

•   Waitrose

•   Tesco

•   Ocado


International Stockists

•   Rewe, Germany

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Active Export Markets (Europe)
Denmark, Germany

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France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland