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We have been producing butter in Gloucestershire on our family farm since 1936 and it is now the third generation continuing this tradition. We started selling butter pats from the surplus cream and we now offer butter rolls, individually-wrapped butter portions and ghee.

Our butter is still traditionally churned in small batches using only the finest, freshest local cream which gives it such a delicious creamy and smooth taste and texture. We are very proud that our butter can be found on the finest dining tables and is used by many Michelin star chefs. It is also available to buy in many food halls, delicatessens, retail stores and also on airlines.

Our individually-wrapped butter portions are specifically aimed at the hospitality industry and are perfect for every occasion. Whether you want to simply impress your guests at a dinner party, or use at weddings, functions, parties and in restaurants, these luxurious portions come in four different sizes to suit all needs. Especially with the current global climate, these portions offer consumer confidence and help with portion control for the buyer. We also produce a Cornish Sea Salt range to order.

We also use our own traditionally-churned butter, which is made with great care from primarily grass-fed cows, to make ghee. As a result there are zero food miles and the fact that it is handmade in small batches gives it a wonderfully rich, caramel flavour. This pure and nourishing superfood has a high smoke point meaning it is free of the harmful trans-fats found in other oils. Other benefits include its shelf life of twelve months and suitability for those with lactose intolerance.

We offer all our butter in salted and unsalted ranges (using only British salt) and we also have an organic range. Our butter is suitable for freezing.


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Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Hong Kong, Singapore

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, France, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, United States, Bahrain, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Kuwait, Argentina, Cuba, New Zealand, Peru, India, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada, Israel, Sri Lanka, Chile, South Korea, Uruguay, Thailand, Jordan