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North Brewing Co was founded in 2015 by the pioneers behind legendary Leeds beer venue North Bar, which opened in 1997. Known as “the first craft beer bar in Britain”, North Bar influenced a new wave of modern beer bars and breweries across the country, including their own.

In 2015 we turned our 10-year dream of making our own beer into a reality by opening North Brewing Co, just over half a mile away from North Bar in Leeds. And, in the space of just 5 short years, have become recognised as one of the leading craft breweries in the UK

Our core range and monthly specials epitomise what we look for in beer: big juicy flavours with tonnes of hops; fun, playful and interesting flavour combinations; classics that demonstrate an uncompromising approach to quality.


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Active Export Markets (Europe)
Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Egypt, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, Cuba, New Zealand, Peru, United States, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Singapore, South Africa, Israel, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uruguay, Malaysia