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Our history

Founded by two brothers (Adam & Chris) searching for new, better, more authentic products, Nutristrength is a British producer of clean, lifestyle nutrition. We know that great bodies need great food, not cheap promises and quick fixes. Nutristrength is a great way to help you on your journey to develop your healthy, strong, beautiful body. With Adam being vegetarian, and Chris training hard to reach his fitness goals, both brothers supplemented their diet with protein.  Most proteins are cheaply made, filled with sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, and a range of other ingredients that neither Adam nor Chris wanted as part of their diet.  They decided to make a natural protein product of their own that would be great tasting, but free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, sugars and be of the highest quality.  They also wanted to maintain a focus on using protein and other functional ingredients to create real, delicious foods that could be part of a diet to support their healthy, active lifestyles.

Our products

All of our products are made here in the UK in our dedicated manufacturing facility in Wiltshire. All Nutristrength products are made under strict GMP quality standards and HACCP food safety measures which are externally audited, along with our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and SALSA accreditation. In addition our independent, external laboratory testing ensures we create products of excellence.

Our growth

Nutristrength launched the current brand in April 2016. The launch followed 18-24 months of rigorous market analysis, product testing, consumer insight data analysis and brand development.  .  We are getting lots of interest from people who want to use protein but have always felt excluded by existing market offerings which focus on steroid fuelled, hulking imagery and brand positioning. In the 12 months following the launch, Nutristrength is now carried in over 30 major UK retail stores including Wholefoods Markets, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols and As Nature Intended, as well as a number of single-store independents.  Following being highly commended for ‘Best New Business’ at Gulfood 2017 we are also building a distribution network in Europe and the Middle East.  We would attribute this success to creating a brand which resonates with a large segment of people who were previously un-catered for.  In addition, many of these people are very conscious of what they put into their bodies.  The challenge of creating a product which tastes great but is free from additives which people actively avoid is a large one but we feel we’ve achieved that in ways which no other brand has; adding to the popularity of the product line.

Our future

Nowadays, there is a huge increase in the popularity of living normal, healthy, active lifestyles. People moderate their diets to support those lifestyles and Nutristrength is at the forefront of this movement.  This is why we categorise ourselves as “lifestyle nutrition”, distancing ourselves from the position of “sports nutrition”.  We believe we are positively positioned to capitalise on this changing consumer behaviour, and after growing succes, we are now looking for the right partners to work with in order to grow our brand domestically and abroad.

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•   Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, Boots, Fenwicks, As Nature Intended


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