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After a Gin fuelled New Year’s Eve, an idea sprung and turned into a dream. It started with three friends and a Cotton Mill in North Yorkshire. Together we create a perfect mix of passion and creativity to bring something unique to each of our spirits. This balance is demonstrated in our products bringing you the finest quality botanicals, harmoniously blended.

Otterbeck Distillery is set amongst the glorious moors and farmland of the Yorkshire Dales. With this as our back garden it has inspired the creation of Cotton Gin. Distilled slowly with patience and passion, using botanicals foraged locally from the many hedgerows and moorlands and uniquely blended with the best botanicals we can source from around the World.

In the 18th century, a five storey cotton and silk mill was erected on the banks of the River Aire. Producing the finest quality yarn and silk. Powered by a small steam engine and water wheel. We wanted our Gin to reflect the history of this stunning buildings beginnings therefore naming Cotton Gin after one of the machines used at this time.

Taking centre stage is our magnificent hand engineered four hundred and fifty litre copper still, Eliza (named after the mill owners wife!) It is, in its own right, a piece of Art.

Otterbeck started trading only in June 2020 and has received the highest possible praise for Cotton Gin from customers and trade reviews so far. Cotton Gin is an elegant herbaceous Gin at 44% but extremely delicate in mouth feel with citrus and pine on the nose.

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Norway, France, Spain, Finland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands

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New Zealand, Australia, UAE, United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China, South Korea, India