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We’re making gourmet popcorn the way it should be: by hand, using the highest quality ingredients, carefully sourced, lovingly crafted and free of any nasty preservatives or additives.

Popcorn Shed are rewriting the rules of snacks, in the UK and beyond! Say goodbye to boring, tasteless popcorn. Popcorn Shed is the UK’s first super-premium gourmet popcorn brand.

Our production process is complex.  Whilst our competitors apply spray-on and powder coatings in an industrial process, Popcorn Shed uses an artisan cooking process by making a fresh caramel batch with each production run.  Our popcorn is tumbled in fresh caramel before being scattered with melted chocolate, nuts and dried fruit.  This ensures a deep, rich flavour and provides a lovely texture to every single kernel.

Operating out of our garden shed since 2016, Popcorn Shed is a home-grown, family-owned business – a made in Britain artisanal brand.

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5+ Great Taste Awards

UK Stockists

•   Ocado

•   Harrods

•   Selfridges

•   The Coop


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Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United States, Japan

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
China, South Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar