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When a health-conscious mum, to two sporty kids aged 9 and 5 couldn’t find nutritional healthy snacks for her children, she spoke to other parents. Realising that other parents also faced her frustration she decided to invent one by teaming up with Sports Science & Nutritional experts to create UK’s First Performance Nutrition Snacks that target Youth and Children – Labelled as ‘Innovation’ by several press. The bars are made with natural goods, to suit young people’s digestive needs and does not contain nasties or fillers !

UK’s First Natural Performance Nutrition Snack formulated specifically for active youth and children.

1. Formulated with experts specifically for Active Youths
At ProYouth, we are on a mission for healthy nutrition. Working alongside Applied Sciences Sports Scientists and Nutritional Experts, we have created a range of nourishing snack bars to support the diverse needs of adolescents – boosting pre-activity energy and supporting post-activity recovery.

2. Not another Protein bar – It’s got so much more!
Backed by research, we carefully chose our Macronutrients (protein, carbs and good fats) and micronutrients (vital vitamins and minerals) essential for optimising performance.

3. Packed with Flavour
Without creating diminished versions of adult formulas, we’ve specially designed ProYouth bars to meet their particular tastes and nutritional profiles.

4. Made with Natural Goodness
Our bars are packed with fresh and clean produce, from superfood seeds, nuts, and whole fruits – each careful selection utilises the ingredient’s most beneficial properties.

5. No Nasties
We do not use fillers, palm oil, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners which can lead to long term detrimental impact on bodies.

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