About company

Pure Wholefood Nutrition.

Minimally-processed, beautifully balanced recipes made with the best real, whole food ingredients from nature’s larder. Real food alternatives to ultra-processed protein powders, diet shakes & meal replacements.

Ground, blended and made in our purpose built BRC certified factory in Shrewsbury on the border of England and Wales.

Good nutrition is the key to unlocking optimal health, weight loss and muscle gain.

We’ve just made it that little bit easier with our nutritious whole food blends.

Made from premium British and European grown ingredients.

Whether you are looking for sports nutrition, a plant based diet or to manage weight, Purition helps through replacing a less nutritious meal, meal replacement shake, diet shake or protein shake with Purition and feel the whole food difference.

Why Purition?

  • Natural Whole Food Nutrition.
  • AA grade SACLA (small company BRC) accredited manufacturer
  • Full control of supply chain
  • +4 Years of sales
  • National and International retailers
  • Made in England
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options (Plant based)
  • Gluten free treats / Additive free / Emulsifier Free
  • Great taste producers
  • High Fibre, high Energy, RDA protein and Low Sugar and Low Carbohydrate meals
  • Reviews from consumers for sports nutrition, weight management and low carbon footprint lifestyle
  • Reviews from consumers for digestive support for Diabetes (T1D, T2D), Epilepsy & everyone wanting a tasty, natural, wholefood meal.


2019 Nourish Awards

2020 Nourish Awards

UK Stockists

•   Whole Foods Market

•   Boots

•   Ocado

•   Selfridges

•   As Nature Intended

•   Holland and Barrett

•   Revital

•   Health Food Trade

•   Gym / Spa



International Stockists

•   Holland and Barrett Int

•   Etos

•   Spinneys

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Russia, France, Spain, Ukraine, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Finland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Mexico, Kuwait, Australia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, United States, Brazil, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India