About company

Rooster’s Brewing are originators and innovators of quality, a modern classic brewery. Able to brew traditional and modern beer styles, with an emphasis on flavour and aroma. Since 1993, our ethos remains the same: to consistently brew quality, easy-drinking and well-balanced beers in cask, keg, and can.



UK Stockists


International Stockists

•   Great Brands, Sweden

•   Da Pian, Italy

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Sweden, Italy, Netherlands

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Bulgaria, Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, France, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Mexico, Turkey, Jordan, Argentina, New Zealand, UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, United States, India, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, China