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Pothecary Gin was created with two things in mind – to make a gin that could be sipped on it’s own with or without ice and garnish, and also that would have enough character and depth of flavour to still be tasted when heavily diluted with tonic. Add to that Martin’s passion for organic, handcrafted, artisan produce, and above all high quality, and you have the thinking and motivation behind Pothecary Gin. Separate distillation of each botanical gives incomparable clarity of aromas and flavours, delivering the highest quality for the end product. Pothecary Gin is made in ultra small batches using local New Forest Spring water. All of the botanicals are certified organic, and sourced from the best region of cultivation for each. The base spirit is also certified organic and made from 100% wheat. All production and processing is performed by hand, from peeling the lemons to filling and labelling the bottles.

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Double Gold - SFSC

Gold - CWSA

Silver Outstanding - IWSC

Best Contemporary Gin UK - World Gin Awards

UK Stockists

•   Nectar Imports, Atom Brands, Enotria & Coe, Matthew Clark


International Stockists

•   Globus - Switzerland, Atlas Bar - Singapore

Market Information

Target Export Markets (Europe)
France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Australia, United States, India