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Here at The Cocktail Co we like to think that we offer something a little different. Most people have one or two favourite cocktails, but how many different versions of the same cocktail have you tasted?

At The Cocktail Co we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a premium quality product, every time. Having worked in the industry for nearly 10 years we know what it takes to make the perfect cocktail and also how disappointing it can be when your favourite drink tastes different in every bar.

Our ready to serve cocktails are made to the highest standards and taste as good as if a mixologist made it especially for you. Our bottles have been handpicked for size, allowing you to quickly serve by just adding ice, shaking and serving. Our delicious drinks were created for fast paced environments allowing you to keep queues down whilst providing the perfect cocktail every time.

Like the idea of putting on a show when making the cocktails? We’ve also designed a sister brand ‘Shakers’ delivering the same premium quality cocktails but allowing establishments to use a cocktail shaker for that extra flair.

Our cocktails are designed with no additives, are gluten free, Vegan and have a 12 month shelf life – although we’re sure they won’t be on the shelves that long!

So whether you’re supplying a bar, pub, restaurant or shop you too can offer a consistent, premium cocktail to your customers without the need for a bartender!

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