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The Little Quaker Distillery is the brainchild of Paul and Leanne Colman born out of a desire to escape the daily grind of the rat race coupled with a mutual love of Gin.

The project is quite simply the quintessence of craft distilling, The award winning signature Gin is aptly named Quaker Gin it is unique because we are so used to gins that deliver exactly what they suggest from the name, the bottle design and the sales pitch. However, what the Little Quaker distillery have created is quite the triumph, and it has an extra element. Because, no one else was ever going to think this up, this haphazard collection of name, of style and idea. It’s absolutely original, it’s a little bit of the owners in a bottle.

The Little Quaker Distillery needed a name for the signature gin which meant something to them. Proud of their Darlington heritage, of “a market town that was vibrant and on the front of the industrial revolution”, they wanted something close to home. Darlington, is the birthplace of the railways and its forefathers were pioneers and entrepreneurs. The townsfolk of Darlington are typical of a North East town, warm and friendly. To represent this, Paul used the nickname of the local football team, to create Quaker Gin. Leanne added the ‘Little’ to the Distillery name to represent the size of the operation.

On the nose the gin is sweet, almost buttery. Folded into this biscuit sweetness is a tang of citrus and subtle hints of floral notes, lavender and rose.

The palette is truly spectacular. first thing that hits is it’s creaminess. This gin is thick with a silky, smooth creaminess that far outweighs most other gins. It’s become a solid characteristic, rather than an adjective. The smoothness dissipates into the a zing of fresh fruit and the juniper keeps rolling along, the vast wave carrying this incredibly generous offering of botanical complexity. The finish leaves notes of spice mingle with the florals.

Despite having a very definite flavour, the gin works with many serves. In a G&T, it’s natural sweetness makes it incredibly palatable. It works with tonic, most flavours mix well with the gin the perfect serve is with Merchant Hearts Hibiscus Tonic. Garnish wise there is a wide variety, although grapefruit works and strawberries and raspberries are the recommended serve and they work so beautifully with the floral and creamy elements.

Quaker Gin, is a solid beacon to new gins and anyone who has the fire in them to start up and make a new spirit in the current climate. It is completely it’s own, born by the love of it’s creators. The industry has been calling for transparency in process and integrity in idea, respecting the nature of true gin. All of these elements are fast becoming essential to the discerning drinker. And, Little Quaker Distillery, a tiny operation run by a couple in Darlington, has it all.


IWSC Bronce Medal 2019

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•   Angels cut Darlington, head of Steam Darlington, Centrale Newcastle, A local Love Durham, avaialble online


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