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  • UNIQUE: No-one else in Europe makes fresh Russian Pies.
  • AMAZING BACK STORY: Originating from the founder’s family’s first bakery in St. Petersburg in the 1800’s.
  • STAND-OUT BRAND NAME: PIEWICH® Baked Brioche Bun filled inside with a deep Savoury Filling. Pie. Sandwich. It’s Both !
  • INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: It looks stunning and tastes amazing – winning over 40 national food honours including a 3 star Great Taste Award. Renée Elliott, founder of Planet Organic described it as the ‘healthier pie’.
  • INCREDIBLE RE-SELLER VERSATILITY: Can be served hot as an amazing pie, or cold as an artisan sandwich. On-the-go, at home, eating-out – ALL meal occasions.

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7 Great Taste Awards

over 30 British Pie Awards

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Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Russia, France, Spain, Ukraine, Germany