About company

Two Drifters Distillery Ltd is the creation of Russ and Gemma Wakeham who love rum, science, Devon and the planet. Russ has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and has spent many years working on carbon capture and utilisation technologies, hence the desire and ability to make the business produce more than just an eco-friendly product. Russ firmly believes that CO2 should be considered a waste product and like all waste, they should clear up after themselves. They minimise the amount of CO2 they create, but where it is created, they offset it.

Before Two Drifters, Gemma spent six years in Medical Sales where she worked as a Business Development Manager. She also has a qualification in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management and manages all the platforms, highlighting the quality and provenance of the brand.

They ferment 100% molasses and distil it in their bespoke warehouse near Exeter Airport. In September 2019, they took the decision to stop producing beer (which they did alongside the rum for a few months) and move to 100% rum, since then they haven’t looked back and even converted their brewery equipment into a distillery, they are now able to make over 1800 bottles a week.

Now more than ever consumers are looking for provenance, transparency and quality in what they spend their hard-earned money on. And at Two Drifters Distillery they epitomise all of these things. They are proof that the UK is championing authentic, legitimate producers who work hard to make a genuine and delicious product that endeavours to limit their impact on the planet.

“Our ethos being, that if we make award-winning rums in a truly sustainable manner and are competitively priced – why wouldn’t consumers choose us?” – Gemma


China Wine and Spirit Awards - Double Gold - Two Drifters Spiced Rum

UK Stockists

•   Tolchards Ltd

•   Regency Wines Limited

•   31 Dover

•   Master of Malt

•   Bottle in a Box


International Stockists

Market Information

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Portugal, Netherlands, France, Spain

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
United States, Canada, Singapore, India, China