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Warrendale Wagyu is a Yorkshire Company established in July 2017 after taking on one of the largest Wagyu full blood and Wagyu cross herds in the UK, but the love for Wagyu beef started a long time before that. It’s only now that with the help of our dairy farmers, rearers, growers and fatteners we have the animals coming through to be able to market the beasts correctly.
From day old to 28 months it’s a very intricate process with a lot of attention to detail at every stage but Warrendale Wagyu are now able to offer premium Japanese beef to the British consumer.

We have been very fortunate to be able to team up with Delta Wagyu in Australia which means we are able to receive the best bull genetics possible. Delta Wagyu acquired Peppermill Grove L0013 in June 2016 who’s father is the highest ranked bull in the world so we have high hopes for the British Wagyu breed

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Deliciously Yorkshire Best Fresh Meat - Winner

Deliciously Yorkshire - Supreme Champion

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•   H G Walters

•   Bid Food

•   Country Valley

•   Fine Food Specialist

•   Freedown Foods

•   T & G Wholesale

•   Udale Speciality Foods


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•   Metzger Freres

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