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 Love Leaf Tea is a local, independent tea company run by Melanie & Lee Ieronymides.

They have created a range of loose leaf teas, fruit & herbal infusions which support wellbeing and which excite the drinker’s palate!

Their teas & infusions are:

-Loose leaf (plastic is added to paper teabags to help heat seal them during manufacture so they don’t come open in the cup, therefore, they aren’t 100% biodegradable)

-Vegan friendly

-Almost all caffeine free

-Packaged in matt recyclable boxes

Features & benefits:

-Our teas taste great, but also encourage wellbeing through the careful blending of natural herbal ingredients 

-Our retail packs are designed to clearly state what lies within, which makes for easy choices

-Packs are colour coded to describe which family of tea/infusion each one belongs to (over time aiding customers to select their favourites at a glance)

-Our narrative is light-hearted, as we believe tea drinking should be fun! 

-We offer a concise description of every tea/infusion on the front and reverse of each pack

-Our customers have clear instructions as to how much tea to use per serving, how long to brew the tea and the ideal temperature at which it should be served to enjoy it to its fullest

-Our customers receive the bonus of a peg in the shape of our logo (love the leaf!) which helps close the box once opened, thus retaining some of the freshness/dryness of the product

All of our teas/infusions are IFS accredited.


If you’d like any more information regarding our teas/infusions, please contact Lee:

07487 836 018

[email protected]


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