About company

Xachoh (pronounced Za-Ko) Limited is a new and exciting premium ambient non-alcoholic spirit brand distilled and bottled in England.

Xachoh is imbued with a rich and compelling heritage in herbal remedies dating back centuries to ancient Persia, infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices of the legendary Silk Road.

Fast forward from ancient Persia to the UK and the birthplace of Xachoh, created for the truly adventurous spirit of today. Authentically distilled using only premium ‘purposeful’ herbs and spices to our traditional recipes, our spirits have been artfully re-imagined and re-presented by leading international taste specialists for an exciting and contemporary drinking experience.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarian diet and free from alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories, gluten, carbohydrates, fat, flavourings and extracts, Xachoh offers the genuine feel-good factor: An exciting alternative ritual, a new, pure sensory ‘lift’ and a truly enlightening moment….

Both of our spirits (Xachoh Blend No. 5 and Blend No. 7) have recently been selected as the finalist at the ‘World Food Innovation Awards 2019’ and featured on BBC. Xachoh Blend No. 7 was selected as a finalist in the Carlsberg UK Food and Drink Awards 2019/20.

Xachoh spirits were reviewed by the panel of taste experts at Drinkpreneur and awarded both spirits with 5 star reviews for taste and branding/packaging:

Xachoh Non-Alcoholic Spirits




Finalist for 'The World Food Innovation Award 2019" for 'The Best Drink Concept' category

Finalist for "Carlsberg UK Food and Drink Award 2019/20"

UK Stockists

•   LWC

•   Amazon

•   AMPS

•   31 Dover

•   Dry Drinker

•   Gifts Direct 2 U

•   Master of Malt

•   Weavers

•   Brackley Wines

•   HT Drinks


International Stockists

•   JLCC group

•   The Liquid Drop LLC

Market Information

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Poland, , Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Finland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Singapore, China, Japan, Egypt, Philippines, South Korea, Kuwait