About company

Zeina Foods is passionate about innovative, tasty and healthy snacks that appeal to consumers. We aim to establish market trends in snacking nuts, dried fruits and associated product categories. We are involved in the full life cycle of these natural products from the farm to the consumer.

Our customers value our experience and understanding of how these crops grow and vary from season to season.

We work with large supermarkets for bulk supplies and private label. We also develop our own brands for consumer retail. We import thousands of tons of product each year and process them in West Yorkshire, UK.

We have invested in processing plants and farms in North Africa and the Middle East, where some of our crops grow. We also have long established relationships with farmers in North America and the Far East.

Our mission is to provide consumers with all the nutritional benefits of tree nut and dried fruit based products, which enhance their everyday lives.

Featured Products


UK Stockists

•   Asda

•   Holland & Barrett

•   Morrisons

•   Tesco

•   Aldi

•   Amazon

•   Cotswold Fayre


International Stockists

•   Amazon

Market Information

Active Export Markets (Rest of the World)
Singapore, Malaysia, UAE

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Ireland, France, Germany, Spain

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
UAE, United States, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia