About company

The Zymurgorium (http://zymurgorium.com/) at heart is a Meadery, Brewery & Distillery but is so much more than just that…

The Zymurgorium name comes from an amalgamation of the word Zymurgy and also Emporium; Zymurgy is the study of scientific brewing and an emporium is a shop that sells various items and trinkets.

The Zymurgorium aims to give its patrons only the best of brewing experiences and taste bud adventure & diversity! From fruit/vegetable beers, to old and new techniques in the sacred art of distillation, to ancient lost ciders and honey wines, an abundance of ingredients and an almost endless supply of brewing and distilling styles…

The products that will mostly feature on the brewing side will be; Meads with a few crafty Beers and Ciders sneaking in. In our distilling world we’ll mostly be making never-seen-before Gins & Liqueurs mostly but will also have a cheeky dip in other spirits too!


Featured Products:

  • Flagingo Pink Gin – Perfect for a summer gin and tonic.
  • Sweet Violet Manchester Gin Based Liqueur IO’s Footsteps) – Classic parma violet taste.
  • Real Of The Unicorn Gin Based Liqueur – Sparkly paradise
  • Marmalade Manchester Gin – Aromas of fresh Duerr’s marmalade

Please visit our website for our full ranges – http://zymurgorium.com/


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Market Information

Active Export Markets (Europe)
Ireland, Denmark

Target Export Markets (Europe)
Norway, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland

Target Export Markets (Rest of the World)
New Zealand, UAE, Hong Kong, United States, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand